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                                                    Stargazing Couple


     This picture, is what we photographers call it "To be in the right place and in the right time".
It was another great night in the Israeli Negev desert, were we once in a month gather for star gazing and imaging. This young and handsome couple arrived last, when most of us already set up our equipment and waited for the dark.

     The sun had set completely, bringing with it total darkness and I started to prepare the camera for my imaging night. As always, I started from properly focusing my T3i to infinity. Turned "ON" the laptop and using BackyardEOS enabled the live view. Then I noticed, that some bright red lights were moving on the screen, for a moment I stumbled, that never happen before, but looking at the camera all the mystery had gone away.

     My camera wasn't pointing at the sky at all, it were on the ground level and were pointing straight to the couple's car, which located just couple of meters away. By that time it was dark enough for me to notice how big and beautiful Milky Way rose just above their car.

     Without thinking twice, I set my lens to 2.8 aperture, camera to ISO1600 and exposure for 60 seconds  and shot... after the frame were downloaded to laptop, I noticed, that 60 seconds were too long and all stars were badly trailed. Since I were setting up my imaging night, my camera was already riding on the EQ6 mount, so instantly I turned tracking on and repeat the shot... the rest is a history!


Technical Info:

Optics :          Tamron 17-50mm  XR Di-II LD SP @ 17mm @ f2.8

Camera :        Canon T3i (600D) Baader Mod           

Mount :           NEQ-6 Pro (Self Hypertuned)​

Guiding:          Not Guided            

Acquisition :    BackyardEOS 2.0.4   

Exposure :      1 x 60 sec @ ISO1600, 1 x 60 sec @ ISO1600 Tracked

Stacking :       No Stacking

​Processing :    Overlay Masking in Photoshop

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