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SH2-82 - Nebula (Gallery).jpg

      ​                                                      Sharpless  82 (SH2-82) - Nebula 

     In the middle of a vast yellow carpet of billion stars, a jewel glowing, with it's distinct red emission called SH2-82 or Sharpless 82. This emission nebula, also known under other names, such as Little Cocoon or Little Trifid, due to her visual resemblance to a very well-known Cocoon and Trifid nebulas. SH2-82 is about 3600 light years from Earth and located in constellation Sagitta. 

     The red emission glow of SH2-82 is caused by the star near the center of a nebula under catalog name HD321616. As seen in the image, the red emission nebula is shrouded in a very faint bluish glow, which is a reflection nebula and as a whole holding signs of a star formation region. Also very well distinct dark lanes or patches, that crossing the Sh2-82 is a dark clouds of a compressed gas blocking the starlight called LDN 727. Relatively small but enchanting nebula that lies on the rift of our beloved home - Milky Way galaxy.


Technical Info:

Optics :          Takahashi FSQ106-EDX4 @ F3.6 @ 380 mm

Camera :        QSI 660 WSG-8 

Filters :          Astrodon Gen 2 E-Series - LRGB Filter Set - 31 mm

Mount :          NEQ-6 Pro (Self Hypertuned/Belt Mod)​

Guiding:         QSI OAG + SX Lodestar X2  

Acquisition :    Voyager 2.3.3.  

Exposure :       L     (1x1) -   24 x 300     2 Hours 

                      R     (1x1) -   24 x 300     2 Hours  

                      G     (1x1) -   20 x 300     1 Hour 40 Minutes

                      B     (1x1) -   18 x 300     1 Hour 30 Minutes


                      Total Exposure: 7 Hours 10 Minutes

​Processing :    PixInsight 01.8.8-9

Date:             (01.07.2022 - 02/07/2022)

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