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                                                                                                 North America & Veil


Explore a beautiful and complex region of nebulae strewn along the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy in this widefield skyscape. The image emphasizes cosmic gas clouds in a 25 by 25 degree view centered on the Northern Cross, the famous asterism in the constellation Cygnus.
Bright, hot, supergiant star Deneb at the top of the cross, Sadr near the center, and beautiful Albireo run diagonally through the scene. (Not Visible). Popular telescopic tour destinations such as the North America and Pelican emission regions, the Butterfly Nebula (IC 1318), and the Crescent and Veil nebulae can be identified by switching to Annotated view.
Silhouetted by the glowing interstellar clouds and crowded star fields, the dark Northern Coal Sack also stands out, part of a series of obscuring dust clouds forming the Great Rift in the Milky Way. These Northern Cross nebulosities are all located about 2,000 light-years away. Along with the Sun, they lie within the Orion spiral arm of our galaxy.


Technical Info:

Optics :          Tamron 17-50mm  XR Di-II LD SP @ 50mm @ F5.6

Camera :        Canon T3i (600D) Baader Mod           

Mount :           NEQ-6 Pro (Self Hypertuned)​

Guiding:          Orion SSAG + Stellarvue F50m2 + Barlow x2 (400mm)

Acquisition :    BackyardEOS 2.0.4   

Exposure :      10 x 600 sec @ ISO800 - 1 Hour 40 Minutes Total

Stacking :       DSS

​Processing :    Photoshop


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