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                   EQ6 Power Plug Upgrade

(Solution to insufficient voltage, blinking red light)

To perform this mod I've used 5/8" or 16mm 2 PIN socket as shown in the picture. This have advantage over the stock connector as it will provide enough juice that mount needs and a sturdy connector. To perform this mod the plate of course should be removed from the mount.

Inspecting the back side of the plate for a convenient place to fit the socket, it comes down to a place which seems everyone else uses. It's free of electonic parts and enough to fit the socket on the face plate between the PCB.

Marked the exact place for the socket to be and ready to be drilled. Before any drilling the PCB should be separated from the face plate by unscrewing 4 screws.

I've been using cone drill and stopped at 16mm step. This produced very nice and clean opening.

After socket installation.

The soldering of the wires should be done before returning back of the PCB plate. I've used 2x0.75mm copper wires which would be more than enough for 12v. Using red and black wires help not to get it wrong. Always double check that the positive goes to positive, otherwise you'll burn the motherboard. Image shows how it looks after job is done.

The two wires coming from the socket should be soldered on the back side of PCB. Red goes for positive and black for negative.

The other end of the wires I used cig lither plug, so It's fused to keep motherboard safe.

And that's how it looks after the job done.


To solve my blinking red light problem in the past, I've used DC to DC step-up converter and fed 15v to the mount through it's stock connector, had no problems with it. But, after doing this mod the problem completely got away so there is no reason to use step-up converter and waste energy.

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