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                                                         Elephant's Trunk Nebula  (IC1396A)

     IC1396A is a molecular dense cloud of dust, also called as Elephant's Trunk Nebula due to it's  distinctive shape. It's a "small" globule portion embedded in a much larger emission nebula complex called IC1396 that is located in constellation of Cepheus. Studies show, that a very massive Type O star ,HD 206267, that is not visible in the image (out of field to the left of the image), is the reason for all this large nebula complex being illuminated. It is believed that the intense wind and radiation forces from that star are the main reason for compression of interstellar gas creating these star forming regions. 

      That bright star is also  the reason for illuminating and ionizing the surface of these dense compressed clouds  and causing them to appear as background-illuminated bright rims with reddish glow along the whole length of the nebula. It is about 2400 light years away from Earth and now recognized as region with  current generation of protostars. 

     This object is very popular among the Astrophotographers around the world as it provides wide range of  imaging opportunities as in wideband, so in narrowband imaging techniques. This is my colorful rendition of this object using regular wideband LRGB imaging to emphasize wide range of different color spectrum emitted by this nebula.

     This is also the first light with my new QSI 660wsg-8 paired with GSO RC 8" scope. With 77% QE and measured Read Noise of 3.4e this camera is a real performer. Very clean and low noise sensor coupled with mechanical shutter and very precise and stable cooling. My overall impression of  this camera is very positive as it build to very high quality standards.


Technical Info:

Optics :          GSO 8" RC + CCDT67 @ F5.2 @ 1061 mm

Camera :        QSI 660 wsg-8 

Filters :          Astrodon Gen 2 E-Series - LRGB Filter Set - 1.25"

Mount :          NEQ-6 Pro (Self Hypertuned/Belt Mod)​

Guiding:         QSI OAG + SX Lodestar X2  

Acquisition :    Sequence Generator Pro ( 

Exposure :      Lum (1x1) - 140 x 180     7 Hours

                      R     (2x2) -  24 x 180     1 Hour 12 Minutes

                      G     (2x2) -  24 x 180     1 Hour 12 Minutes

                      B     (2x2) -  24 x 180     1 Hour 12 Minutes

                      Total Exposure: 10 Hours 36 Minutes

​Processing :    PixInsight 1.8.4

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