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                                                   Camels On The Road



     Spending time in the desert under the dark skies is always something special. But sometimes, if you get lucky, nature can hold some surprises for you and spotting some wild animals is always intriguing. This is exactly what happend that early morning, when I was on my way home after imaging session. I simply couldn't believe my own eyes. By the way, this is one of the reasons why we all should be careful and drive slowly when visiting nature reserves, because things like that, can really get you by surprise.


      As soon as I finished the turn, here they are. Those huge, higher than a car animals were filling my field of view. I had no chance to come around or pass by them, I had to stop the car and turn off the engine, trying not to disturb them. I grabbed the camera and left the car. The sun was rising low and not to blind the camera I moved farther outside to turn my back to the sun and snap the image. While moving I felt like in corridors, navigating between them, this was incredible experience.


      It was huge herd of camels, I never saw anything like it before. Easily I counted 30 of them passing by me and many more were spread out. I simply stood there quietly, enjoying the view, untill all of them passed along and cleared the road, alowing me to countinue on my way home.


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