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About Me ...

     Like many of us in this hobby, I was passioned about Astronomy since childhood. All possible information, be that from tv shows, magazines, books and of course gazing at the starry night sky, always drove my curiosity. Discovering new things about our place in the Universe, became a part of my life. It was clear to me, that one day, no matter what, I have to get my own telescope.


     Love for Astrophotography came much later, when I was deep into visual observations with my beloved 10" SCT. Making list of objects, star hopping, charts, filters, finding the best eyepiece and perfect view in it was enough to keep me thrilled for the whole night, not to mention how much it was, simply to be under the dark skies filled with stars. Skies that are full of wonders, slowly changing the views with the passing seasons. Jupiter or Saturn, Omega Centauri or M13, Orion Nebula or Andromeda Galaxy, just to name a few of the most impressive and interesting objects that you simply can't get enough of them. Be that hunting faint fuzzies or observing Meteor shower, all of it, getting hard to describe in words.


     In one of those wonderfull nights under the stars, I took my camera with me, to take a memo photo of a gorgeous Milky Way. When I got home and tried to process it, I knew, that this is what I want to do now. Next time, I assembled my equipment (Camera on the Mount) and went to image the Milky Way again. That night I made my first Milky Way image with stacking, you can see it in Widefield Gallery here. And basically, that was it, I found a new way to study our heavens - by imaging them.


     Fortunately, we still have a very dark sites in our Negev desert (Israel) and I do all of my imaging from there. Unfortunately, it takes 3 hours to drive in each direction and due to other life commitments all I can image, is two nights in a month. Those two nights, I dedicate to a single object, to get as much data as possible and all that of course - on weather's mercy.


     Couple of years later, I decided that I want my own special place, to share my work and other information with Astrophotographers and amateur Astronomers as all. So the idea to build a website was born and in February 2013 a first page was laid down. Due to a large amount of work to be done with the website and lack of a free time, it took me a year and a half to bring that idea to life, but now it's all worth it.


     I want to thank You, for stopping by and visiting my website, hope you find something interesting.


     Clear Skies To All !!!


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